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Hi, I'm Santhosh C V . I'm on a mission to empower 1 million leaders to master global Leadership & Communication skills to experience the Transformative Power of Leadership by implementing Cross Culture Communication Strategies & Systems. I'm the founder of Cross Culture Connect.


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Upskill your Global Communication and leadership with our Global Communication and leadership Skill Training Platform

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Hello, I'm Santhosh CV, the founder of Cross Culture Connects and Global Communication and a leadership coach with over 18 years of experience in training and development. Since a young age, I have been fascinated by different cultures and improving my cultural competency to work with culturally diverse teams worldwide and help them communicate effectively. I have been honored to train more than 1000+ people across three continents, focusing on technical training, cross-cultural, global communication, foreign language, accent, and leadership training. I am a Certified Global Leadership Professional (CGLP) and a Certified Global Executive Coach (CEC). 

My mission is to bridge the cultural divides that exist in the world and empower the global community with the ability to communicate and lead effectively. I'm passionate about empowering executive, mid-level managers, and team leads with Global Communication and Leadership coaching and training that develops the ability to communicate and lead effectively. Through the Cross Culture Connects Hub, I strive to provide new leaders with the skills and knowledge to effectively collaborate and communicate with diverse global teams.

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We are training the next generation of leaders for the new world. With more than 1000+ members and growing, our mission is to empower individuals to become the future of global communication and leadership

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